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How Drew's Bottle Service Works

Contact Team Drew to schedule a pick up of your returnable 10-cent-deposit  bottles and cans. 

Call or Text 517-202-5397. 


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  On your scheduled day, place your bottles and cans in a convenient location, and Drew and a team member will come by to collect them.

Drew will take the bottles and cans back to the store,.

Drew  takes your bottles and cans back to the store and collects the money. His fee  is one half of the total amount of the returnables; the customer receives the other half back.

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More about Drew and His Bottle Service

What we return

Drew will pick up and return any Michigan 10-cent-paid-deposit bottle and can;  beer and pop.  glass, plastic and aluminum

Meet Drew

Drew's journey

Drew resides in East Lansing and was a member of the Haslett High Class of 2013. While in school, Drew was fortunate to be a part of the Links and Peer to Peer programs, which promote understanding, inclusiveness and natural supports for students  with disabilities.

Where we return

Team Drew is able to return bottles and cans to a variety of stores in our area; Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Target, Aldi, Whole Foods, Vine and Brew, Horrocks, Fresh Thyme  

Areas we cover

Team Drew provides pick up and return service to communities in the East Lansing area

Team Drew provides pick up and return service for  businesses and homes in  the greater  East Lansing  area, including  Okemos, Haslett, Williamston, Holt, Lansing, Dewitt and MSU's  campus.

Water Bottles and other non-refundable recyclables

Certain beverages  ( water bottles, hard ciders, iced tea, juices...) aren't currently paid-deposit/refundable in Michigan.  However, when we come across one of these containers, Team Drew makes sure they are returned to a local recycling center.


*Customers do not need to be home for pick ups; simply leave your bottles and cans in a convenient spot  so Drew can easily find them.

*Drew's fee is half of the total amount of the returnables. Customers can receive their portion via PayPal or cash. 

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